Woman claims she was attacked by black men, allegedly faked injuries with makeup

So sick of this type of thing…ever since Emmett Till


Watch: Two Alabama Police Lieutenants Investigated For Ties To Racist Hate Group

Sickening, and this is exactly what I mean by #Dismantle the South
This is clearly a conflict of interest and still I just feel bad for the Black people that have to live under these cops jurisdiction…including SC mayor, Gov, and Lindsey Graham who refuses to this day to ban the Confederate Flag in the wake of the Charleston Masssacre and Walter Scott case….This is going to be a long fight but the New young Black millennial sole task must be to dismantle this ugly network of racist politicians and to usher in a better more equal day….If only the youth of today, could put down the Xbox, sports, and rap music enough to understand they have a role to play in the movement for change in America…

Oakland Police Arrest Dozens Protesting Police Brutality Against Black Women

This clearly is an infringement on protesters rights in Oakland
Arresting 100 people does nothing but round a a whole lot of people that probably had nothing to do with it….So sad

The Chicago Defender

Police in riot gear Source: Cat London / Getty
Police in Oakland, California, rounded up dozens of people who had been calling attention to the Black women that have died as a result of police brutality.

The Northern California city is cracking down after a series of violent protests in 2014. The Associated Press reports that according to Mayor Libby Schaaf’s new policy, people are no longer allowed to rally in the street in order to cut back on violence…oh, and property damage (which is probably the real motivation for the new law). She cited a protest on May 1, where people participating in a rally for Black men killed by police brutality allegedly damaged businesses along Oakland’s auto mall, as a motivator for this change.

In accordance with the new policy, cops apprehended dozens of people on Saturday after coming up against around 100 protesters that refused to be pushed aside. The group…

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The One Thing African Americans Need To Know About Memorial Day

Yes! Along with an exciting new Civil War Memorial found in Camden Co.NJ is one of the highlights of this day! So Happy, now if we could just pry the youths attention from Rihanna’ s latest weave or Young Thug self-destructive lyrics, to care
Good luck, Social Justice Warriors the real BP have long written them off and I doubt with a Maj. Republican delegation, we will get to really change how America operates in relation of dealing with Black issues
But I am so happy that we have a younger generation of BW who don’t mind trying
Thank God for @BrownBlaze and the girls of #BlacklivesMatter