“I have the greatest pride in the color of my skin, my features and my history”: Where we come from: the history of Afro-descendants in Brazil

Amazing! Tech in #2018 #DNA #AfricanAncestry 🙂

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: It’s an experience many of us have had. That moment when you start to think, where did I come from? Although growing up n Detroit and seeing that all of my family and friends were black, it didn’t really provide me with a deeper response to the question. I got some of that answer in knowing that both my parents’ family came from the south of the United States, but even so, that still wasn’t enough. My first memory of being exposed to the deeper side of the question came when I saw the TV mini-series Roots. It was a shocking experience as no one had ever told me about the history of black Americans in the era of slavery. I went to a Catholic school and certainly none of my classmates not the teachers revealed this piece of history.As I watched the series show black…

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