Passing H. R 40-The most critical thing that Obama should do

Ok…if you’ve been reading this blog, you know how I feel…

But take for instance,the reality of today. And it’s no wonder why it’s so hard to correct the systemic problems of the Black Community in America.

For the homeless vet…what will reparations look like….

For the young child who is being borne to an equally young and underprivileged Black mother…these problems are in society…more than being a half-hour

Correcting the systemic inequalities in America culture needs to be addressed.

Obama being the first African American president should lead the charge in bringing America to the table on this problem….Imagine the first Black president standing up…acknowledging the huge sacrifice Africans brought over here for slavery would mean

I think this is a huge opportunity to be a Catharsis if you will, of all the things that are happening in society.

To me, we can’t settle Iraq or Syria…or anywhere other issue until the Black people that built this country get the credit they deserve

There’s no way we can settle immigration issues until we talk about all the low income Black people that will be effected

This should have been the first order of business the President dealt with coming into office- but due to the recent rash of violence and state sanctioned violence-This issue is even more pressing…because we need corrupt cops to be jailed, we need all racist laws off the  books, we need and deserve better policing, job opportunities and housing…to make up for the historical inequalities and economic disadvantages my people have endured for over 400years.

I think the idea of reparations as the H.R. 40 is a great start

But even more great-would be Obama before leaving office make a public speech condemning the brutalities of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I do think the idea of reparations is an open-ended discussion and substantial consideration to be taken into account as more of a symbolic ‘pay’ out would be something that all Americans( it could be like the quota system-like for instance in Brazil they reserve college seats for Black Brazilians…

I think Obama taking these first steps to

1. Acknowledge and condemn it -through a formal public speech

2. Atonement-Get Congress and the American people to see how things are for people of color especially historically exclusionary institutions like education, health and housing

By Confronting the old problems of this country- We can ensure a bright future for disenfranchised Black Americans while creating the pathway for the dispossessed descendants of slaves to be apart of the American promise and dream.

This all should be done-with a commitment beyond his presidency to have institutions be accountable to integrate more African Americans in to the framework of American mainstream. By developing policies that specifically help them overcome the unique challenges facing our precarious communities.


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