Was The Hunt For Assata Shakur The Real Reason For U.S.-Cuba Deal?

Absolutely no…..this is so like racist…

The Chicago Defender

Talks of whether or not to extradite fugitive Assata Shakur from Cuba have reemerged between Cuba and the U.S., according to reports.

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Just this past March, Cuba released an adamant statement that they would make no effort to return Shakur (whose legal name is Joanne Chesimard), to America.

Yet, their newfound willingness to cooperate could be a result of President Obama?s recent moves to repair the once tattered relationship between Cuba and the U.S.

Last weekend, Obama met with Cuba?s President Raul Castro, and the media captured the two warmly shaking hands and talking politics. The President has also suggested removing the country from the international list of states that are believed to be sponsors of worldwide terrorism. In an interview with the Associated PressPresident Obama was quoted as saying:

“Cuba has agreed to enter into…

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