Transforming America- America’s failings and the strategies needed to win!

Outraged by how the media is still talking at a very disconnected level, I have added more thing to consider and addresseds in politics today.

1. Black people can’t afford the status quo…

We have been marginalized and continue to work outside the purview of White America

With the wealth gap nearly 10x buying power of W/B

2. We need a systematic restructuring of American institutions so that they work for both Black and White people.

I.e. Housing-According to 

There are over 100,000 people on the waiting list for low income housing.

In Chicago, over 15,000…/poor-families-use-supervouchers-to-rent-in-ci…

We need innovative people/strategies in housing and education to start talking about the intersectionality

Of these issues to bridge the gap-and put people back into low income housing

Creating valuable jobs in the housing market, construction and resolving long put off public infrastructure projects.

2. Creating jobs for the American people for the benefit of all Americans is something I feel passionate about.

We need to create public service jobs that mobilize disenfranchised Black people so they can have a ladder achievement.

It is, quite frankly, wholly unacceptable that we condone the mental slave aesthetic of the 21St century.

3. There are still advances in psychology and mainly, African American psychology

Another form of Post-traumatic Slave disorder, is the mental slave mentality or “Dumbed Down Effect of the Urban Black Community.

For over 400years, AA have not only been physically in chains but mentally too.

The subjugation of African American is broader African psychological term that I want to propagate and defend in this paper.

Over 200years, Black people have been mentally/lphysically discouraged through outright hate crimes and a series of media controls that have 80-90% amount of error has existed to brainwash and miseducate our youth from having a viable role in society and improving their own individual goals and collective plight.

Not acknowledging over 400 years of subjugation and exclusion is not going to make it better for Black people. (Only through correction can we begin to heal our nation. Governments, like our, already disingenuous schemes of flooding an already threadbare job sector with more low wage immigrants-is not taken lightly.

4. To solve these myriad of problems, current models need to be refitted and reorganized to include not exclude or further marginalize “The already precarious situation for most Black people”…specifically the 70% of single female Black households with children.

With the real unemployment levels at more like 30-35% (the real figures ) which is a representative of “every day reality- of most Cities

As a note-this is not meant to scare/diminished hopes- Personally, I am just committed to provide the best in my expertise and steady research…

5. More job creation, apprenticeships, and internships need to be created to undo the horrible legacy of Bush that has gutted the nation and caused this recession that the Obama/Clinton administration must address.

6. Tuition should be covered for high performing Black High School students to address long standing inequalities in Higher Ed.

The current model is disingenuous and ineffective in correcting the plight of Black people and the Black Community is well aware that they are excluded and not made to feel welcome or even considered (in some cases).

7. Overhaul of this unjust criminal justice system.

Black offenders and juveniles are processed at alarming rate

This needs to be immediate eradication of jail time-petty crimes, what I call- crimes of poverty (or what Nypd has termed-broken Windows. Decriminalization of pot, the end to financial system of extortion (Which I categorize as undue and hefty fines for small non-violent offenses.

(And I support and ideas or things that I may have overlooked in the making of this paper.

8. More city to city cross culturation

What I mean is-if a nurse from MD wants to work in PA there should be one standard program she can have to be accredited to work.

In teaching and other field- This needs to be the case to encourage diversity and break up the hemogeny of out vastly dying cities…in other words…We need Skilled-engaging people, not more of the same low-life stagnation.

9. More opportunities for state cooperation

NYC has a housing crisis the world has never seen yet -there is available land in upstate NY, PA, and other cities

Why isn’t logical strategy to relocate low performers (income people) into decent housing with a comparable quality of life outside of a very congested urban area. (To break up concentrated poverty and the quality of life issues it presents.

10. Today’s jobs are not in the much hyped stem jobs, but it’s in the basics

It’s in Eds/Meds/Information teach that America needs to be functional

11. Previously thought of people as written off can be transformed with genuine concern and attention to their plight and the world around them.

This model uses the human capital model that says, the youth are the chief engines of change..and can all live just in a revised productive way.

12. Most cities in the new model will have to factor in millennial home buying programs to incentives and pull down some of the mystic of first time home buying for millenials- In the future, were going to have to develop more programs for minority business that utilize what we currently have and make it more efficient for all.

13. One word of caution on immigration debate, is that in my opinion, some cities are doing a good job

But in NY it’s a tradegy that the upscale urban foreign elite downtrod the urban Black poor further marginalizing them-Take a recent story of TGIF workers in NY fired so that Latinos can work-Which is the common scenario of discrimination and racism in America.

14.  We take the recent win of Rahm Emanuel to be a capitalist front of further Latinization (or what I consider to be an outright shame/frustration of Black people to still have a voice/equal representation in a city that is and has been historically Black.

We also see the inaction of Governor Cuomo and his ineffectiveness to confront issues happening to the Black/low income community as a continuation of this further (Latinization) and thus disenfranchisement and marginalization of Black people.

These are just a rough sketch of where we need to go as a nation-More cross cultural exchange both domestically and regionally with cooperations of city and state to be with the best results preferred.


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