Is Uganda Better Equipped to Deal With Terror than Kenya?

In the fight against Al-Shabaab, it’s good to have friends

Ian Cox


Over the years I’ve traveled extensively in both Uganda and Kenya. During my land and air travels in both countries I’ve always noticed a stark contrast in their respective approach to security. I’m a mere observer; not a security policy/equipment expert. There are many political, geopolitical, operational, and factual reasons why some of the comparisons that I will make don’t matter.

I’m not here to compare Uhuru vs. Musevini governing styles nor the good or bad policy behind their internal/external security operations. Some of what I will mention is gathered from Wikipedia and the internet in general, but as you will see, it’s a discussion worth having after the continual failures of the Kenyan government from Westgate to Garissa.

The Uganda People’s Defense Force began engaging Al-Shabaab in Somalia under the auspices of AMISOM in 2007. A string of NGO and tourist kidnappings by Al-Shabaab near the Somalia border…

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