Police Investigate Noose Hanging From Tree At High School Near Ferguson

Despicable, and no less than a similar noose incident at Duke University a week ago…Idk..But I know they didn’t hang themselves..Someone should get to the bottom of this and the Lennon and Byrd cases this year that were definitely racial hate lynchings.

Global Grind


Another institution is under investigation after a noose was found hanging from a tree just a few miles from Ferguson, Mo.

The noose was found at North Tech High School Wednesday morning, according to KMOV. It isn’t yet clear if a student or a member of the school staff discovered it. After the police were called, the device was taken down.

The principal reportedly sent parents text messages to inform them of the incident.

Just last week, Duke University found a noose hanging on a campus tree; the student who admitted to hanging it was expelled from the university. This was considered the last straw for the school’s African-American students, with many claiming their presence is for the sake of diversity and not for their potential.


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