Georgia prison guards resign after viral beating photo posted to Facebook

This picture is so haunting…its any wonder why no one came to help!
And he is a teenager…Sometimes I can’t believe how animalist and violent Black people can be—-then I see this…

Our community desperately needs to get some outside counsel on the values of respecting people’s dignity (whether it be the new gay craze, or just not being the mindless- typical black status quo…We’ve been monolithic for so long, its like poor and uneducated Black people just want to destroy something just because they don’t understand it, and they feel like they feel like they have every license to do so….(i.e. the blasting of music 2am. on a Sunday in my neighborhood…I don’t know what to do..It seems like the real challenge is just to get over how culturally inept we really are from the rest of America.

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