Father & 7 Children Killed By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning After Losing Power

This is terrible…A father just trying to “Keep the Lights on” ends up dead…
This is a snapshot of what’s really going on and the sacrifices regular people are making just to get by….R.I.P.

Hollywood Life

How devastating. A father and his seven children reportedly have all been found dead in their home due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The family was using a generator after their electric was cut off, when it ran out of fuel an emitted the toxic gas.

Maryland father, Rodney Todd Sr., 36, and his seven children who ranged from ages 6 to 16, have all passed away in a tragic accident. Officers reportedly went to the family’s home in the town of Princess Anne on April 6 where they found the entire family dead from inhaling the poisonous gas. So horrific.

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