Report: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is pursuing a United States visa

This guy is awesome #Faminetattoos
Instant visa, please!


A rich, foreign business man applied for a visa to come-and-go in the United States. Is that news? Not really. It’s closer to common sense than news. Who wouldn’t want to expand their horizons in a country that’s produced both Bobby Brown and Michael McDonald? If that businessman is an active athlete, though,? We might have legitimately relevant news.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that somebody like Zlatan Ibrahimovic went to the U.S. embassy in Paris and applied for a visa. Actually, let’s get rid of the hypothetical part. According to Swedish outlet Sport Bladet, Ibrahimovic spent 35-40 minutes at that embassy on March 19, reportedly tending to an application that would allow him to stay indefinitely in the United States. Combine that nugget with a Paris Saint-Germain contract that expires at the end of next season (June 2016) and people are already doing the “Zlatan to MLS, baby” math.

That math includes potentially…

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