OPINION: The Most Important Part of President Obama’s Easter and Passover Wishes to America (VIDEO)

Ahh..Love the President and First families photo…Malia and Sasha are such nice young girls…Michelle is killing the game too!


President Barack Obama Addresses America This Holiday Weekend (Courtesy: YouTube) President Barack Obama Addresses America 4-4-15 (Photo: WH.gov/YouTube)

When I saw this morning via Twitter that President Barack Obama had recorded a video message wishing all Americans a happy holiday weekend (Easter, Passover, or whatever you choose to celebrate), I was excited about posting it.  When I started watching it however, I was concerned about the lack of separation of church and state in the President’s speech.

While I support his right to acknowledge his personal affiliation with Christianity, I was hoping for a more universal message from this very diverse nation’s leader. Fortunately that finally came about 1:30 into the video, so I am quoting that as the message we here at GBN want to promote and amplify this Easter as it is inclusive of everyone:

Easter is a day of hope. A season of hope. It’s a re-affirmaton of our beliefs… as Americans that better days are always ahead of us…

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