In Camden’s Prison, a Pre-Easter Observance for Inmates

Wow…Jesus gotta suffer and you should treat the next man with kindness and respect as in another example…even going so far as washing the other’s feet..How awesome is Jesus’ message to the world…and how we should be respectful and tolerant of other religions for a better world.

CBS Philly

By Mike DeNardo

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) –It was a rare Holy Thursday mass today, behind prison walls, at the Camden County Correctional Facility.

Three dozen inmates were permitted to attend Holy Thursday mass in the seventh-floor gymnasium.  This only happens three times a year — around Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas — so it was a welcome opportunity for inmate Albert Hunt to be spiritually centered behind bars.

“It’s a blessing, due to the fact that we’re incarcerated and they allow us to come up and get the Word from an outside pastor,” he said afterward. “And also, it’s uplifting because a lot of people go through various things once in the jail, and it kind of cleanses you and gets a weight off your shoulders.”

The celebrant, Father Dennis Bajkowski, of Sacred Heart Church in Camden, used a basin of water and towels to wash the feet of the inmates…

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