Homeless But Hopeful

True stories from London’s homeless poor…It’s a shame that a country would hallmark itself as the most progressive and culturally accepting as the UK…and through high costs of living and a sizeable unemployment problem could turn so many people into Homeless men and women.

true economist

It was a late tuesday evening, I’m tired, hungry and have just finished a marathon studying session in the library so not in the best of moods neither. I’m rushing to Liverpool street station to catch my train home, if I catch the one due in five minutes I can be home in just over half an hour, if I miss it, then the next one is in 30 mins, have to make that train.  At the pedestrian crossing a guy approaches me sheepishly, he looks homeless and more importantly looks like he is about to make me miss my train. Excuse me, he says, What do you want? I snap back. Well, a job if you have one going please he responds with such humility. My wall broke, I looked at him and realised that this wasn’t just any homeless man, but a man that was hopeful. Hopeful to…

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