When I outlined why things were so fucked up…I failed to state that there has been a concerted effort to suppress the truth and to undermine the reality that we live in on a day to day

This is because the white educated elite have been suppressing the fact that they have been using the American people, purposefully defending school and programs and services in the community, a allowing us to settle for low wage jobs and education all the while subsiding urban sprawl and huge endowments tto schools that are now granting admission to a new foreign elite that they want to basically replace us with (and virtually exclude any contenders that are low income creating a Black underclass that are already struggling, instead of investing here, we dump billions abroad on a useless war and then expect Young Black and Brown men to fight for their capitalist interests, and then turn around and discriminate against us when we do try to find a job after going to war for these oligarchs….

When I have the time I will go back and pull da t a and research into crafting my statement…because it’s not the Ivy league commentator writing for NYTimes whose closest interaction with the Hood, or How people really live and struggle in poor highly concentrated poverty stricken environments.

It goes beyond what they think- or analyze-because they are the status quo too…and until they learn to rethink their positions and actually go out and talk to the People about what’s going on-They can suck It…because like the old Fast as say, Them Don’t Know….

(My tentative research on America divided 1980s-present)

I welcome input!

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