Rob Kardashian Slams Kim Again: You’re A ‘Heartless, Shallow Witch’

Lol, yeah this should not be much of a surprise but maybe some people feel this way about Kim, but don’t you just love How fabulous she makes it all look though…Anyway, I hope they can bridge the gap and find love and family again, I like them both!

Hollywood Life

Well, now we know how Rob Kardashian REALLY feels about his big sister, Kim. A new report claims Rob is raging over how his family is treating him these days and has completely cut ties with all of them. Whoa!

Rob Kardashian, 28, had the Internet buzzing on March 22 when he posted a photo of bloody Rosamund Pike as her murderous Gone Girl character, Amy Dunne, and told fans, “This is my sister Kim, the b–ch from ‘Gone Girl.'” Now, an April 1 report claims the Kardashian family is furious at Rob over the Instagram, and that he’s spending his time all alone as his anger toward Kim Kardashian, 34, grows by the day. Yikes!

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