Head Of Local Interfaith Center: Anti-Islamic SEPTA Ads Do Not Represent Our Philadelphia

I do believe we should end all aid, the situation is seriously out of control and sacrificing vital services and things we need here, it just seems like We should strive to keep peace-After all We are growing into a more progressive and multicultural multiethnic ethical world, and the U.S. really needs to lead the way by example to address environmental, social, and cultural harmony and religious tolerance for the world…it gets me down when I hear about gender/racial inequalities because we should have been passed this already, but still we need to try and rectify some long standing imbalances in both sectors, here and abroad

CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Rev. Nicole Diroff, associate executive director of the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia, spoke with Talk Radio 1210 WPHT midday host Dom Giordano about the ads going on SEPTA buses that many people feel are anti-Islamic and the rally that they had to garner support for their removal.

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“Yesterday in Love Park, Civic and religious leaders gathered to say that these ads that up on SEPTA buses do not represent our Philadelphia, do not represent the Philadelphia that they’re a part of, and inviting people to be part of a “Dare to Understand” Campaign in response—to have an elevated positive response spreading different images throughout this region. People of diversity standing together in cooperation and collaboration.”

While the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia does believe in the freedom of speech, Diroff says that they disagree with the message that it sends.

“So, I…

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