Quirky Bags Were The Number One Street Style Trend This Fashion Month

Normally I don’t do little bags, the Black Fashionista just really is not about that life- but these cute little bags are trending so…Enjoy the Slideshow!


In some ways, there’s truth to the statement that fashion takes itself too seriously, but there are certain hints that prove there’s definitely a sense of humor lurking in the depths of even the most serious fashion lover’s repertoire. This was evident by the sheer number of quirky, kitschy, downright silly bags street style stars carried while taking in the Fall 2015 shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

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This month, we saw less staid “It” bags by Chanel, Celine, and YSL, and more humorous carryalls, many of which carry an equal fashion cache (Anya Hindemarch‘s sticker-covered bags, JeremyScott for Moschino‘s moto jacket-shaped crossbodies and teddy bear bags, Les Petits Jouers‘ Lego-style totes, Fendi‘s fur buggies), and those that cost less but fall right in line with high-fashion’s obsession with all things kitsch (ASOS‘ milk-carton bags, Shop Jeen

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