Miami Beach City Commissioner: The state of Florida has forced us to prepare for climate change alone

Can’t believe States like Florida and California are not taking this environmental threat seriously…oh well…when it starts snowing in Miami or until California runs out of water…We’ll have no one to blame except for Climate Deniers.


A Miami Beach Commissioner told a sea level rise summit Friday that Florida state legislators have left the city to fend for itself as it prepares for the effects of climate change.

“We send our lobbyists to Tallahassee and beg for every little bit we can…but we’re not getting help from anybody else,” Commissioner Michael Grieco said.

Inland areas’ lack of direct exposure to rising sea levels, which are expected to climb three feet by 2100 — and faster in South Florida — has blinded representatives there to the urgency of the problem, he said

“Some people in Tallahassee don’t want to deal with realities,” Grieco said.

The city is investing close to half a billion dollars in dozens of pumps designed to flush high tides and rainwater into Biscayne Bay on the city’s west bank. Almost all of it is being paid for through a city bond issuance.


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