COPS: 83-Year-Old Punched In The Face During Robbery In Voorhees

WTF? At least this isn’t as bad as the Father-Son story I heard a few days back–Where the Father shot the Boy over the Last Container of Orange Juice…Or this one..  Woman shoots a McDonald’s employee because they forgot to put bacon on her burger…Can you say, Things are getting so Weird (and or low-down) out Here!

I’m like this Baltimore Mayor…I’m not having this…

In her open letter she pushes the whole community to get involved and as (Grandma would say, Stop All this Foolishness)

It is sad that in the McDonald’s case and the Orange Juice case, both of these people are willing to throw their lives away, for such trivial matters–

Not only that…But the Shame I feel like as a Black Person over all this, Is just Telling me Something needs to be done, Because once the world gets their 15 mins of entertainment over this foolishness, the rest of society/community pays and is hurt by these ignorant depictions of Black people, and their low-level cousin’s shenanigans…

We desperately need more mental health and just plain basic civil (public) trainings/classes/community programs to even get our people to where they can work out their differences instead of reverting to anger, crime, and eventually violence (and ending up a lifetime in jail) oftentimes to impress their low-life friends by being stupid….

Philly has a good program called Stop Shooting People–as a reference and Chicago I heard was also devising a plan to help ease the plight of the community…

These programs solutions are so desperately needed—To change the tide…I wish more Black people could just do right,…However when egged on by the media and everyone clamoring for more Black People doing Stupid Things…Its highly unlikely that this trend is going to go anytime soon–Unless There is a Real Intervention!!!!!

God help Us!

CBS Philly

By Steve Beck

VOORHEES, N.J. (CBS) — Police in South Jersey are searching for two suspects who punched an 83-year-old man in the face and then robbed him.

The robbery happened Thursday in the area of the Robin Hill Apartments on Preston Avenue in Voorhees.

According to the Voorhees Police Department, the two suspects punched the 83-year-old man in the face and then robbed.

The victim suffered injuries to his face and was taken to an area hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

It was not immediately known what the suspects took from the victim.

One of two suspects wanted in the robbery of an 83-year-old man in Voorhees, New Jersey. (credit: Voorhees Police Department) One of two suspects wanted in the robbery of an 83-year-old man in Voorhees, New Jersey. (credit: Voorhees Police Department)

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Voorhees Police Department at 856-428-5400 or 856-627-7174.

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