Slavery By Another Name

Make no mistake…Michelle Alexander is stating the facts in a clear and concise way based on what is happening now…If we do not save our children, they will be destined for a life of poverty with all kinds of unintended negatives such as escalated crime etc…If we do not change the course of the discussion….Immediately. Black America has been in this crisis for the last 10 years and we need to shape policy/protocol to ensure more African-Americans do not get further disenfranchised in this new normal/economy of today.

Thought Provoking Perspectives


Everyone has an opinion on the prison system and incarceration. Some view it as the New Jim Crow and others see nothing wrong with the system at all. Regardless of your position, it makes one wonder about the fairness received by some, namely minorities and the poor, and whether it works for those unable to afford justice. America incarcerates, puts more people in jail than any other country on the planet. This alone tells you that it is a huge cash cow. Just as slavery was created and used to oppress Africans the prison system is “Slavery”, just by another name.

It is reported in news accounts daily that people are released after spending years incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Then, there is the sad irony of people being put to death who are innocent who fall into this shameful category. In addition to executing the mentally disabled…

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