A ‘Scarface’ Remake Is In The Works, New Details Revealed

Al Pacino–still the Greatest..and looking forward to new film, Coming Soon!!!

The Urban Daily

'Scarface' Blu-Ray DVD Release Party - After Party Source: Mark Sullivan / Getty

For better or worse, a modern-day Scarface reboot has been green-lit by Universal.

The studio has just announced that Straight Outta Compton scriptwriter Jonathan Herman will help remake the cult classic for a modern audience, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While Scarface’s immigrant-gangster story was originally adapted from a novel in the early 1930s, the Al Pacino-starring 1983 version is the one we all know and love. The new Scarface will use modern-day Los Angeles (and its criminal underbelly) as a backdrop instead of the coke-crazed Miami popularized by Pacino.

Herman seems like an obvious choice to lead the rewrite given his extensive work at the studio, with his projects including the recent N.W.A. biopic and a couple other big-name movies currently in development. The green-light comes as a function of the Straight Out Of Compton scriptwriter’s involvement after at least one other…

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