Not Just Kanye: Riccardo Tisci Commends Jay Z’s Style, Hints At Another Sneaker Collab With Nike

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Global Grind

Jay Z the style icon? Riccardo Tiscithinks so.

The creative director of Givenchy sat down for an interview with WWD and spilled on everything from gender boundaries in fashion, to the male celebrities who inspire him. On that list were Jared Leto and surprisingly, Hov. While we’re used to Jay inspiring music artists and moguls, his simplistic yet stylish fashion sense is largely overlooked. But not by Tisci.

“Jared we’ve dressed many times. We are very close and I think he’s amazing. He’s the king of the moment of style. He decides what to wear and he’s got such a fashion sensibility. I’m inspired by him. I think he’s a great guy. And there’s Jay Z, who I really respect very much; I think he’s got a very good sense of style,” he said.


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