Miami family of middle schooler demanding action after attack

As I was saying before-I am developing this theory…As part of the criminalization of young Black girls the new problem is the ghettocization of Young Black girls. This of this particular theory is very complex and should be flushed out for people really determined to route out this ugly scourge of this lifestyle and All its attributing toxic consequences on society particularly the Black Community. This becomes so problematic over time because of the dangerous mix of ignorance and low-income mentality coupled with stagnant and unchanged people over time only dealing with other low-income unmotivated people and in this case dangerous-can only perpetuate the same sad low goals and low achievement throughout generations-until our Black leaders get with the fact that-Most Black people are failing as a result of poor decision-making and systematic discrimination as a result-We will not make the headway needed to really create meaningful change and convert our ghettos into productive and safe neighborhoods which they should be (Black people may be the only ones in America-not the Chinese or Indians-Which are autonomous enough to do it on their own-to care of themselves, their communities, our own out-of-control children-to accomplish this seemingly low feat)


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