Florida man shoots self after robbery, asks for help from officer

How stupid-Why do the most bizarre news stories of the day, have to be perpetuated by Black people…..arghh….And I want to take this moment to predict a new emerging trend that will most certainly happen -if we can’t transform the avg. Hood Nigga-into a positive contributor to society-What will happen is the world will leave the majority of Black people behind..and if anyone is paying attention at all this is pretty obvious- We already see the beginnings of this in the Mayoral race of Chicago…With all the Black people there since the Great migration until now, I can not believe in all my days, that the Black people of Chicago would have no one from within the community to speak up for them on their behalf and essentially left the seat wide open for Latinos knowing how many Black Chicagoans make up the population of the city.To put everything in very blunt terms I am disgraced by what I feel as a fumble/great failure by African Americans in general and even more so when I hear about how Rahm Emanuel could close 50 schools in Chicago knowing how devastating that will mean for the majority of Black people there. The same disappointment I feel when Philadelphia closed 20-30 schools last year-It’s not the schools fault nor is it our cities leadership. The problem is the direct correlation between ignorant poor uneducated Black women and men having babies out of control that they can neither be productive for-example-low income people have few resources to contribute to overall society let alone property taxes needed to fund the amount of poor Black Children we are creating and forcing into already lacking and overstretched school systems across the country ultimately-setting them up for a bleak future. Their ignorance will not shield them from the fact that-This lifestyle model is not only stupid and counter-productive-but I propose we need some kind of mass solution to offer people an alternative to a life of poverty to the lowest among us and all their offspring.


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