Protesters March On Madison For Teen Killed By Police, His Uncle Speaks Out

Terrible thing…and only 19 years old…#WhenWillitEnd

Black America Web

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Nearly 2,000 students marched in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday—many of them high schoolers—in remembrance of 19-year-old Tony Robinson, the unarmed biracial teen shot and killed by police last week.

Robinson’s family spoke at the march, and gave us deeper glimpses into the young man who died on Friday.

Known to the family as “Terrell” (so as not to be confused with his father, Tony Robinson, Sr.), Robinson is said to have “struggled” with being biracial, and for that he “felt like a misfit for most of his life,” said the slain teen’s uncle, Turin Carter, as reported by MSNBC. “Terrell, he was a good, kind-hearted kid and he wanted to be loved.”

Carter also confirmed that Robinson’s mother still has not been able to see her son’s body, yet he still cut the police some slack.

“We are not proponents of anti-police…we understand that this is an individual act the…

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