Other Grass Roots Programs

Since my background is in the education/teaching field..I developed some innovative ways to combat some of society’s problems…

1. Minority Teaching Opportunities–

All to frequently, i hear that students want to see more role models/teachers that they can emulate and be like..

Its so important that we have programs that meet the need of the people and provide edcuation and emotional support from within the community-beyond empty rhetoric

We need some kind of structural incentives program or support that encourages minority to get their degrees and work in local school systems–

* This is especially important since less than 2 percent of our teacher workforce is comprised of black men–which is abysmal


2. To fill in the supposed gap between Millennials and the Amount of Children languishing in broken foster care/adoption agencies..I was thinking of a program that might link young adults who want to be care-givers but maybe do not have the time/commitment of full adoption—and that is “Borrow a Child”

Millennials, who are typically law-abiding and non-offenders could sign up to Borrow a child–for 3,6,9, even 12 months…and this would lessen the burden of these children in the foster care system..and The children themselves could gain so much–from having a more realistic better understanding of the world–seemingly being raised or at least basically cared for by a young adult like themselves

3. There are many millennials that wish to do good, provide care and help to foreign nations–But beyond Study Abroad there are not many viable options..

Well, what I would be proposing is kind of like an Ameri-corp (think U.N. Peace Corp or something) that is involved in actually building infrastructure–like building schools in Latin America, or building a health clinic in rural Africa–

it would be some kind of cross-cultural development plan–that nations that wanted to be apart of aid–could accept American young adults into the specific areas of concern and then would could exchange their culture and knowledge (for development in many rural and non-accessible areas –this would also employ alot of millenials that are about to graduate into the worst economy ever–by providing employment and development abroad.

—Anyways–these are just a sample of ideas that I have developed where I have seen the gap between Development and real change…Maybe some one out there…has similar ideas…to address our local and international social problems…



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