The Fed’s Report on Ferguson

Social Action 2014

Tonight on New Abolitionists Radio we will be joined by our Guest Heather Chapman from FL. Heathers son Nikko was arrested at 19 and placed into solitary confinement during his 10 year plea bargained mandatory sentence. He eventually became catatonic for a time. He’s responsive now but barely holding onto life. His mother is not receiving any updates and is not allowed to see him. It’s a personal face on a personal story of what so many Americans face daily. We are not just a list of percentages. These are people with lives worthy of respect and dignity. We’ll hear heathers story tonight.

 • Attica Prison Guards Plead Guilty To Misconduct After Beating Inmate. The ending of this story will not shock you. It should but it won’t.

 • The Ferguson Justice report has been leaked and shows at least 7 clear ways Ferguson police violated the Constitution…

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