In My Back Yard – ‘Washington State GOP Senator Says “Colored” People Are More Likely To Commit Crimes’

Black people always getting mad–If you don’t like what they are saying…Stop ruining our communities and Doing this Shit!!!!

In turn, Senator Honeyford—Not all of us are low-life scum–and I resent your generalizations!!!!

The Last Of The Millenniums

Washington State Republican Senator Jim Honeyford

Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt…..

Senator Honeyford lives in Sunnyside, a majority Latino city of just over 15,000 residents. Minority voters should think carefully before slotting him in for another term as their State Senator. They would probably be better served by a representative who doesn’t just blurt out that “coloreds” commit more crime, on the Senate floor during a debate over racial impact statements’.

‘During a floor debate on racial impact statements, a Washington State Republican Senator, Jim Honeyford, stated that “colored” people are more likely to commit crimes’.

“I said the poor are more likely to commit crimes and colored most likely to be poor. I didn’t say anything else other that. And I believe that’s an accepted fact. If you check any of your sociology books or anything else, you’ll find that’s an accepted…

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