Bold & Beautiful! Kylie Jenner Lands Two Edgy FAULT Magazine Covers

Its Kylie’s world right now, after buying a 2.7m dollar home at the precious age of 17—while most teenagers are coming to the sad reality that they must hedge their dreams for a job at McDonald’s…Anyway..she’s doing great and E just signed a deal for 4 more years of the Kardashians for 100 Million DoLLARS!
These girls are gold…but for how long? And what kind of example are ya setting for the young girls out there–not born with a silver/gold plated spoon

Global Grind

Kylie Jenner does it again.

While her name is being dragged through the mud, the reality TV star landed not one, but two covers for FAULT magazine’s 20th issue.

The coolest Jenner hit us with her signature slay face on both covers, proving that regardless of what’s going on in her personal life, she’s handling her business.

Kylie rocked deep red lipstick for the photo shoot that had a very edgy and dark appeal.

Inside the magazine, Jenner wore a plunging…

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