George Clooney Sheds Light On The Rape & Genocide Still Happening In Darfur

George’s still fighting-Good job, Bro-

Black America Web

In 2005, we were all talking about Darfur. Two years prior, a war of words emerged between the uprising of liberated group against the Sudanese government, who they believed were oppressing the non-Arab community. The latter’s answer to the conflict was slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians. Eleven years later, George Clooney, along with John Prendergast and Akshaya Kumarand, have shared their thoughts in  The New York Times as a reminder to world that the horror in Darfur is still happening and the battlefield is littered even more with an epidemic of raping the women and girls there.

A decade ago, Americans were moved to react as the Save Darfur organization was created in New York, and Ryan Gosling put on a white shirt that read “Darfur” in simple black text at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, forcing the tragedy to be recognized by a pop culture audience. Yet it has…

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