79-Year-Old Woman Shoots Grandnephew In Foot Over $20

Oh my…this is how bad things have gotten…Sample A, Lawd, Sample A

Black America Web

Ira Peterson (pictured) was arrested and now faces second-degree domestic violence charges and all because she allegedly shot her grand nephew in the foot following a heated altercation over $20, according to The Smoking Gun.

The 79-year-old Mobile, Alabama woman who lives with the unidentified 25-year-old grand nephew in question, accused him of stealing the monies from her.  When the septuagenarian realized that the money was missing, she reportedly became enraged and shot her grand nephew right in the foot. The elderly woman allegedly only pulled the trigger once after the argument between the pair escalated.

The Mobile police department were summoned and when they arrived on the scene, the victim reportedly informed them that Peterson had actually injured him.  The young man said that he and Peterson had been going back-and-forth verbally and she was convinced that he had taken the $20 from her.  When the argument took an ugly turn, the victim…

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