The Revamping of America–Part II about a week ago, I was compelled to come up with some ideas that might benefit all Americans…Kinda of on the tail end of the whole Middle Class Prosperity Program that Elizabeth Warren and Elijah Cummings are coming up with…and that is our government is stalemating over dumb and antiquated models of doing business and it is hurt rather than helping the American People

So this would be my tentative list of things that the president and Congress would need to do in order to keep running, and to run effectively

i. Minimum Wages have to go up—I’m not sure by how much… 15$ I think is too much and you would have a hard time getting conservatives to go beyond 9-10$… and its current rate 7.25$ does not work either (If i were the president–I would compromise for the short-term and leave the figure at anywhere between 8.50-9.50$ (which sounds fair is like a win-win for the public and employers..for the moment — (and it should be the same in Tx–as it is in Pa,or NY)

Because i believe some things in America should be universal.

I know–Fight for 15 would call me out–on this issue—but hey–that’s what I would do

ii. Housing–the Housing bubble has effectively shrunk home values –but yet rents and mortgages are at an all time high

So I think I would attack this by — Implementing more affordable housing development in our over-crowded and under-invested cities (with programs that encourage developers to create units–that help the people–

Also The urban blight in places like Detroit, Chicago, and other places like Philly needs to go…

I would offer low rates of borrowing and special programs that would invest $$$ in community re-purposing and rehabilitation

This in turn would great more livable environments, and an overall sense of community and communal well-being

i also feel that many people spend more than 50% of their income on rent

(This has a trickle down effect–or a non-trickle down effect–meaning that people are walking away with less and less

and I am wondering just how in the new economy (future) we are going to accommodate large numbers of Millennials with cheap low-income housing–because in nearly every metropolis that I have seen is overcrowded and the rents and food,gas prices follow suit…so….

iii. Immigration–It took me a while to come up with something for this one…because I am unfamiliar with the process in which many immigrants immigrate, but I think that the whole system needs to be made transparent (because I feel like there are so many people living their lives in the shadows, and if I go to even buy a pack of cigarettes–I get carded–so I’m wondering how can they can rent an apt, drive a car…all this stuff…without an ID…It just boggles the mind? really

I believe America does have the capabilities to embrace new-comers, however 5 million people at once–would be a major shock to the system at large…I would advocate a more gradual approach…maybe 10,000 per 6-12 month cycle…or something reasonable…and spread out among regions

Otherwise we’ll have like 10 million in NY and then a place like Iowa will have like 4-5 know…

As it stands now. I think alot of immigrants come and live among their own–and they don’t give back anything to the community in which they live, they already don’t pay taxes and that kind of divide (makes me think there should be some kind of community development/service element/processing fee–or fee attached to whole immigration process–

Because if I was going somewhere I would be obligated to pay something for my inclusion in society….whereas most come over and recieve such a rolling out the carpet of ammenities becuase of their non-Black status–It feels to me–like they get some kind of a free ride or something. (as opposed to my ancestors that were drug here in chains..(anyway, some fee/giving back of some sorts would be great and it would also show that there is no favoritism towards its new comers–to the detriment America’s native born citizens

Overall, I think like this–its a overwhelmingly complicated issues–and one that might not be able to be resolved in this presidency.

Basically,  I just don’t think that its my main agenda–But it is an issue that should be dealt with temperance–because native born families have it so hard–I honestly got to put them first…(but that’s just me)

Healthcare–I think Obama did a great job on it…Universal healthcare–or at least some basic care services for all the people…Great idea!

Education–I think the President’s proposal to Fund more Community College is a ingenious concept and all I can say is, Well Done, Commander in Chief!

iv. Overhauling the Criminal Justice System

Right now, we have the most Black Men in jail than we did in slavery in 1850…that is horrendous!

I would pass the Smart Sentencing Bill because—it costs between 20,000-30,000 a YEAR for an inmate to be locked in jail.

Some of the year-long jail sentences are for ridiculous things like–unpaid traffic tickets, jumping turnstiles, and other petty non-violent crimes

I would call for the immediate reduction/elimination of these B.S. sentences/crimes fees–because our systems are clogged, people are just climbing out of this recession and they can’t pay.

Not only that–but the criminal justice system has been operating without regular oversight for decades–this is unfair and it is especially burdensome for African-Americans.

If I were president, I would also de-criminalized small amounts of Marijuana–and try to revamp the corectional system by bringing some real experts that know how we can save money/time but also keep people safe!

(Just a note: But the kids of today, are acting up in such ways, because they are dying for the chance to be adults to be something-they just need the skills and know-how to become full functioning members of society

I feel that in taking steps to empower them responsibly we will have more compliance (better behavior) etc. Better neighborhoods, less crime, and better quality of life.

If the arts and music were re-integrated back into schools –as well as more Early Education and More Effective Teen Pregnancy Prevention) along with Obama’s plan for Associate level education we will definitely be able to root out the ugly scourge of Urban poverty by creating the hope that pays off in building a better society.

v. Ensure Net neutrality and Boost more Tech in our Society

It like a no-brainer, but keeping the internet open, accessible, and available to the poor and under-served communities is a common good.

Places like Harlem have started wifi programs with the Mayor saying that in the next few years–it would all be wired

Cities all over are doing bike-sharing and other progressive structural and grass roots change…And I think its great!

Let’s not stifle our creativity but enhance it by empowering communities!

Adopting “with it” policies and programs initially propose that we are not stuck in the dark ages-that we understand the needs of today…and that we are on the right track to be competitive in the global market (Beijing, Seoul, etc)

Seniors and young children also need to be linked to more technology/education–as some of the under-served populations that stand the risk of being marginalized if they are not included

vi. Social service and agencies

Libraries, community centers, and cities as a whole need better operating budgets to handle the needs and changes of the people.

Mental health and substance abuse programs as well as homeless shelters and job-training would be the first line of defense

But also–Cities need to be more adaptable and more inviting to new-comers, immigrants, and young millennials alike….

The way things are set up now, if you want to live in a high-market place like NY, SF, or D.C. –you’re fighting for housing that does not exceed 50% of your income–and that figure is more of a laughing point then actually rooted in reality

Cities as we are coming to find out–are where people want to be!

Transportation (high speed rail lines, better buses/trains), Services–should be tailored to the most people while delivering the best products, as well as More low income housing needs to be developed to curb the insane sky-rocketing prices of real-estate in today’s market.

We just can’t have this two-tiered situation anymore–

Because if your poor –your paying more than 50-80% of your income on housing, the exorbitant prices of food, goods nowadays, and you have little money for everything else…

Good urban planning –allows for activities, better opportunities, better neighborhoods and an improved quality of life

I hope this guide helps…and I’m open to hearing what anyone else is thinking on this matter

Asante Sana

Extra Credit Reading: Based on W.E.B. DuBois studying the urban effects of Philadelphia–but he could have been talking about D.C. Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland or any number of America Cities–

That’s why more $ should be going to Non-Profits and Research of the Poor and Poverty–so we can help “The People”


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