Kanye West Delivers That G.O.O.D. Friday Turn Up On ‘All Day’

I was really disappointed with Yezzy’s performance at The Brit Awards–I mean the song was definitely in the trap style (so that’s not my thing to begin with)
But to call Nigga –so many times–as if that’s the only tool in your vocabulary…I mean, I was like–Someone should really stop him–if he doesn’t have anything substantial to say. Especially because –I’m not about that word
But…To be fair—I did like the direction the 45sec song he did with Rihanna and Paul McCartney. It seems like he’s really trying to find himself and do some different things–but it feels as if he’s trying to take us backwards…like I don’t know..

I still love his music–maybe he should take advantage of the peers in the industry he has –like Bjork, Tricky, maybe some South African Rap group or something..I would really like to see him mix it up, while being himself, because I really don’t know about this one…We’ll just have to wait and See!

Black America Web

Kanye West took the stage this evening at The BRIT Awards, and delivered his latest song, “All Day.” The fiery performance, complete with flame throwers and a flash mob including Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom, is a solid return to West’s G.O.O.D. Friday days. No word on when the new album drops, but it sounds like the Yeezus era may be over.

Check out Kanye West’s new track “All Day” below at the 1:46 mark.

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