Marlon Wayans’ Audition Tape For Richard Pryor Film Revealed, Plus 3 More Unseen Celeb Screen Tests

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Since news broke last year that Lee Daniels was directing a Richard Pryor biopic, fans were excited to see who would play the beloved comedian.

Nick Cannon went public with his desire for the role, going so far as to grow out his afro and beard to resemble Pryor’s. Although Mike Eppswas ultimately chosen for the part, Marlon Wayanswas the next big name in the running to portray the iconic comedian.

In his opinion, Chris Rock thought Marlon would’ve been perfect for the role, telling MTV: “Marlon Wayans screen-tested for it, and it was amazing.”

But in a recent interview, Richard’s widow Jennifer Lee Pryor explained why they chose Epps for the film over other actors in the running:

“I think Mike has a rawness about him that is very similar to Richard’s rawness. You know what I mean? Nick is a…

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