U.S. District Judge Shows No Compassion For Immigrants & Goes Against President Obama’s Halted Deportation Law

I feel bad, the Republicans are holding up the democratic process with their silly little games…but i do half-heartedly want to side with them on the immigration issue. Right now, we have a lot of issues in America just dealing with other Americans…There’s absolutely no job creation and he’s talking about adding some 5million immigrants to the job pool…I think they need to rethink immigration-or consider a very limited amount at this time. As it corresponds to the Black Community, allowing 5-10 million illegal immigrants right now will Most Definitely Destabilize the economy for all Americans, and especially Blacks and Black underclass.. I just think that is outright irresponsible at a time, when most American families are barely making ends meet…I think more research should be done–in securing a way to include some but not all…and certainly not a a precarious time like this


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The Obama Administration has expressed extreme disappointment over U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen‘s rulings against President Obama‘s deferment of deporting young immigrants, which was set to solidify this Wednesday and before its May 19 date.

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In the original decision, President Obama had proposed a reprieve for young immigrants and whose parents are citizens or have been naturalized as such under the law of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA is meant to protect their (the “Dreamers”) rights in stay in America (if it’s been over 5 years and obtain no criminal record), but those who have opposed the amnestic law complain that there are currently 4.9 million immigrants undocumented, and in simple English, feel that DACA lets them off the hook in having not registered their existence beforehand.


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