Is this The Mummy of Imhotep?

Could Joseph and Imhotep have been the same person?

This is the Mummy of Imhotep, Vizier of Thebes, Egypt, 18th Dynasty – He was a completely different person to the Imhotep of the 3rd dynasty.

Joseph’s body was embalmed in Egypt and he was given a Royal Egyptian burial. When the Israelites left Egypt, Joseph’s bones were taken and carried across the Red sea, through the wilderness where the Israelites stayed for 40 yrs and then eventually taken to the promised land of Caanan where the bones were buried in Shechem.

A tomb in Shechem has been discovered, but Joseph’s bones are no longer there.

Similarly, a Tomb in Egypt has been found that contained many mummified Ibis birds suggesting it could have been Imhotep’s tomb. The Sarcophagus was empty. Interestingly, the Sarcophagus was not orientated to the North as was the custom of Egyptians who worshiped the Sun God.  The mummy of Imhotep has never been found…

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