Escaped ISIS Captive Recalls Horrors Of Slave Auction [VIDEO]

This is downright terrible…and when I think about what we have been doing over Iraq and Afghanistan for over 10 years, Women’s rights have all been a mute point…
There has to be a way that (experts) in the region can promote peace and equality for women–especially with all the international students in America’s colleges and universities over equally equivalent people (like me). What are they doing there? If not to educate themselves to go back to their home countries and do important work…and by the same token, with the high price of tuition in America’s higher ed. system…Why do educated people like me have to sit on the sidelines and watch as American universities become even more elitist and confined to the wealthy elite of the world to essentially be left out of the debate, because I don’t have a degree…There are soo many things wrong with this situation…Asante Sana

Black America Web

Nineteen-year-old Farida recalls weeping as she stood among 80 other girls in a large room as men—young and old—looked them over like chattel in Raqqa, the ISIS capital in eastern Syria, according to NBC News.

After ISIS fighters overran her village in August, she was bought as a slave by during an auction that lasted for several days, she tells the news site. But she can only tell her story because she and a 12-year-old compatriot were able to escape from their captors when they were not looking, NBC reports.

Farida’s harrowing story begins when she was bought on auction day, where men would come to the room, pay an ISIS official and leave with one or two of the girls, she tells the television news outlet. She had never seen a slave auction from the perspective of the buyers until NBC showed her a video on an

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