Lawmaker opposed more money for education because “all the blacks are getting food stamps”

You know what, I had to re-read this article…and I really was at a loss for words…

I mean, I expect this type of shit to come from some old dusty old lawmaker…But Damn!

…All I can say, is that this is such an unfair generalization and it is so unprofessional that he as a politician is allowed to get away with this….

His statements are offensive and certainly don’t define my class or family upbringing at all!

What I can say–is that this nation–has always persecuted  Black People

and then denied its handing in creating the drastic inequalities that we see today

This lawmaker sux..

and so does the Corny ass Tea-Party, the CPAC alliance, as well as the whole entire Republican party

Blow me!

As one who is thoughtfully and caring about the specific problems of plaguing the African-America community,  I feel

people like him…are reductive and largely unproductive and EWWWHHH!!!!

Its like 2015-


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