As Holder Hails “My Brother’s Keeper, ” It’s Time To Have Real Conversations

My brother’s keeper indeed-With about 72% of Black household headed by unmarried out-of-wedlock children-Over 50% of all American children receiving free or subsidized meals-1.5 million children have a parent locked up in jail—We should all be ashamed-Black American is falling off the precipice-I am glad that Eric Holder is at least trying to stimulate America to talk about race-but at this point-I need to see some action…I for one am very appalled-And as a practical realist, I don’t see a way out for the majority of Blacks who have dug themselves a whole- with out of control overpopulation and over 1.5m Black men under so sort of judicial control….I’m just flabbergasted! Not just because this doesn’t represent me or the long legacy of most hard-working Americans but also imagining all the quality of life issues this presents to me and my future-We are facing a numerical nightmare in the 21 st century and I love Michelle Alexander but perhaps she was too light in her approach-because this is the New system of #TheNewJimCrow and it is Wholly Unacceptable.


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