Police Release Disturbing Dashboard Camera Footage Of Officer Slamming Indian Man To The Ground (VIDEO)

Oh my goodness…this happened to an Indian guy…in Alabama..he has a GoFundME..and so do the protestors in Ferguson…I hope Oprah can do something..since she implied that she might (want to be of service to help the people…???



An Alabama Police Department has just released horrifying dashboard camera video of a grandfather visiting from India being slammed to the ground by an officer.  Sureshbhai Patel, came to Madison, Al from India for a visit with his son’s family, was out for a walk in the neighborhood when he was approached by Field Training Officer Eric Parker and his Trainee Andrew Slaughter on Feb. 6. The two cops were apparently responding to a non-emergency call from an unidentified caller who claimed he spotted a “skinny black guy” wondering around the suburb and allegedly peeking into garages. The Associated Press is reporting the caller claimed he saw the same man in the area a day earlier, and was nervous leaving his wife and children at home. Parker and Slaughter arrive within minutes and started to question Patel, who doesn’t speak English.  Patel is heard saying, “no English” after the officers continuously grill…

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