First Couple Cuteness: Michelle Obama Wishes The President Happy Valentine’s Day Via Instagram

Michelle is really working it…these days…Wishing them both a Happy V-Day!


Michelle and Barack Obama

While President Barack Obama is away in California discussing cybersecurity his number one supporter is still showing him love back in Washington, D.C. First Lady Michelle Obama sent out a sweet message to POTUS to remind him of Valentine’s Day. Earlier today, Mrs. Obama posted a picture of herself and the president sharing a close moment with the caption:

Love is all you need. #HappyValentinesDay, Barack. -mo

How sweet are they, with Michelle quoting The Beatles? This isn’t the first time the Obamas celebrated the romantic holiday aparnt. Last year, the president was in Maryland talking with House Democrats, then headed off to California to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II. The president apparently did get the message loud and clear. After his weekly address, he wished his wife of 22 years a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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