University Of Phoenix To Award 40 Full-Tuition Scholarships For Those Chasing Dreams Bigger Than Themselves (VIDEO)

Awesome! I wish that more scholarships could be administered by communities to solve some of the unique problems each community it stands now…It’s like only the best of the best even get to go to college, and they often go elsewhere for their communities often bankrupting the communities of Brain power…and resourcefulness. Yes, they are often “serviced by well meaning newcomers/recent grads that have little knowledge of the fabric of the communities…it just seems like the European model of higher ed is so time exhausting with very little of it being looked down upon if you even have direct contact with the population of people your dealing with…like it just seems like so backwards and inefficient especially if you’re talking about creating change in this lifetime..the model really doesn’t address the crises that are affecting African Americans and by the time on tries to waste describing and categorizing minute points of discontinuation….IF I…it just seems like a waste of time and impractical giving today’s astronomical tuition..but that’s just me.


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