My top picks-Men’s FW and why i was disappointed by Much of the season

Ok, so I looked at so many shows this season

And I believe that Rick Owens and HBA were #1 and #2 respectively….

It was just too contentious between the two- to say if Owens/Shane  is the official winner because one has the penis clothes that sent every one into a tailspin and Olivier has the grit and authenticity that I love so…

With Givenchy rounding out the bottom-loved the dark ambiance

But even in this narrow confine, I still believe that there were some good shows from heritage brands Hermes, Ferragamo and Ermanno Scervino…but I was really exciting for like the newcomers like Kolor and Stella Jean

Business of Fashion pretty much summed up How I was feeling when I saw the shows from London and Milan, and that was, that fashion has a extreme obsession with young boys…

I thought this season, you know with all the hype about men$ fashion we’d actually get to see some hunks (I mean new talent) but I was kinda of disappointed

and I know that I’m probably not the only girl that feels that way

With that I turned my focus to one of the most talked about shows of the season, KL’ s Chanel…I just wasn’t feeling it this season it seems as though his recent Parisian shows are following this tired formula (and no offense but Dolce and Gabbanas you guys are in this category too) like their Sicilan girl ideal was new and different like say 2013 but in all the ads and stuff I just feel like it’s all about Sicily in a way that is becoming tiring…and the same thing with Chanel- i guess I’m bored with the tweed jacket it seems impractical for the modern girl even if she is Paris Hilton that has all the money…

And last but not least, the show that I just downright hated was the recent Dior with the classical music and the dancer…I’m like c’mon this is so gay…

I almost lost it

(And I know you want to make me into a homophobe-but yo- That was just too far for me

Anyway, this is just my most recent musings, and it kinda of makes me glad that I’m not in the fashion industry for real, because it’s likely that someone would be offended and I really don’t want that on my conscious going into NYFW (in 4more days) Peace 🙂


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