Go Behind The Scenes With Beyonce During Her Grammys Performance Rehearsal (VIDEO)

I’m just so sick of this girl, usually it goes without saying…But when I think about how many Beyonce’ there are out there…it hurts my heart that, they will never make it or be heard in and this girl with all her ego and talent can exploit their needs and desires to be #1 all the while not giving a Damn about them for real….conceited egotistical lightskinned birch is what comes to mind, but I remind myself that it’s not even her, it’s the whole industry that needs to have one great megastar and everyone else that has it needs to take a backseat

Global Grind

[ione_embed src=https://www.youtube.com/embed/nVtT4jZM9GA service=youtube width=600 height=335 type=iframe]

Wondering how Beyonce pulled off her Grammys performance last night? Well, here it is.

The queen of all things great released a behind the scenes video of her Grammys rehearsal. The “Drunk In Love” singer won three Grammys for her self-titled album, but decided to perform the classic gospel hymn “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” as an introduction to Common and John Legend’s closing performance of “Glory.”

The video features an in-depth look at each man who stood behind Beyonce during her tribute to black struggle with one message: “I feel like everyone should come together and push toward one goal. And that is to love each other.”

Watch Beyonce’s behind the scenes video up top.

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