Heckler Trolls Ghostface And It Doesn’t End Well [VIDEO]

It’s always somebody (trying so hard to be down and black ) which btw I find so insulting, luckily the Wu don’t play that shit!

The Urban Daily

Ghostface vs. Heckler

No matter how many examples need to be made of people, there’s always that one fan that needs a reminder of what not to do during a concert. We’ve seen Action Bronson slam a guy, Pitbull knock a guy out after being hit with a handful of cash, and who could forget this overzealous fan-hood moment that resulted in endless trolling on social media.

VIDEO: Beyonce Tried To Stop Lil Mama From Rushing Stage (thumbnail)

But unlike this very awkward moment, there wasn’t a pleasant ending to this Texas heckler’s day during a Ghostface Killah concert. The young man was trolling so relentlessly that the Wu-Tang MC actually stopped the show to address him. Everything went bad for the guy after that.

See for yourself.

Tough way to learn the lyrics to, “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ To F**k Wit”.

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