A New And ‘Less Lethal’ Gun Device In Ferguson Are ‘Intended to Stun’ But Not Kill People

Oh my…the amount that police precincts like Ferguson and the NYPD are investing in keeping down protesters should really be invested in having better community relations and oversight committees for police accountability-but then again-They’ll always find ways to waste taxpayers money if you let them


Ferguson is still trying to figure out (new) ways to handle criminal behavior. And the town’s Assistant Police Chief Al Eickhoff has proposed a new device that when fired is meant to stun or shock its target, but does not kill.

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Post-Michael Brown‘s death, who was killed by disconcerting former cop Darren Wilson, Eickhoff was determined to find another way to discipline or control suspects or individuals with a force that was still impactful but just not lethal. Eickhoff went to Google to begin his research to see what would appear under or with the words “less lethal” in its description, and that was how his curiosity found its way to the Alternative.

The Alternative looks like a gun but the device is attached to a “handgun…

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