Tamika Fuller Testifies Ludacris Offered Her $10K to Get Abortion (Watch)

This doesn’t help me to like Ludacris anymore than I have to…But Damn! Does the whole world need to know You made Your Ex-Gf get an AbOrtion!!!

Black America Web

Rapper/actor Ludacris and his baby mama Tamika Fuller are in court for a custody hearing and Fuller’s testimony is revealing some interesting stuff.

She’s saying it’s basically ludicrous of him to be demanding full custody of their daughter Cai Bella Bridges because he desperately wanted her to have an abortion to the point he even bribed her.

Fuller says that when she told Luda she was pregnant, he cried, but not because he was happy. He said it would ruin his life and he then urged her to get an abortion.

Fuller says she first learned of her pregnancy while seeing a doctor for unrelated reasons.
“I told him the same day that I found out,” she explained. “He was not happy. He cried. It wasn’t that he wasn’t happy because he did say, ‘This wasn’t something that we planned. Let’s move forward and get an abortion. We’re not going…

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