Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To ‘Out’ Adulterous Politicians

One angry senator! Lol

Black America Web

Alabama’s only openly gay lawmaker is threatening to expose state politicians who have extramarital affairs but say gay marriage is immoral or bad for children.

State Rep. Patricia Todd, a Birmingham Democrat, says she was furious over some of the comments made by some colleagues after they learned gay couples might soon be able to get married in Alabama.

Todd says they’re being hypocrites. She says they will “out” politicians who cheat on their spouses or have other ethical lapses, but cite family values to oppose gay marriage.

On Tuesday, Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” Straight Talk panel (featuring Monique Pressley, Wilmer Leon and Michelle Hudgins) discussed the controversy surrounding Todd’s move to blast out the transgressions of her colleagues.

Monique Pressly told Martin, “It’s messy to accuse or to allege to accuse or say that you are going to ‘out’ someone’s affair. It’s personal private business and…

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