Was His Rent Too Damn High? Jimmy McMillan Faces Eviction From N.Y.C. Apartment

Oh my goodness, this can’t be happening to one of my personal favorite characters, Jimmy McMillan. I love this guy, his catch phrase, The Rent is Too Damn High, is so brilliant, and I have been a supporter and fan since the beginning. Instead of NY working to correct it’s long-standing real estate problems-They punish those that try to solve the problem giving them the faintest idea where there next move will be…This is a shame and DeBlasio or somebody in charge better not be responsible for kicking out more law-abiding hardworking people in efforts to cater to the ever growing luxury movement happening there. This makes me sign-up because it’s not just Jimmy who feels the pain, so many of my peers (myself included) would love to move to NY but the financial stakes are just too high and its people like us and Jimmy that suffer.

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