First Experimental Ebola Vaccine Due To Arrive In Liberia (DETAILS)

Finally maybe a way to combat Ebola!!!

Global Grind

'EZyscreen' : First Rapid Test For Ebola

Despite a drastic decrease in media coverage surrounding the Ebola virus, the crisis is still raging in a handful of African nations. Now, the first batch of an experimental vaccine is due to arrive in Liberia to combat the deadly outbreak.

The Glaxo SmithKline’s (GSK) vaccine will hopefully curb what the World Health Organization (WHO) has called “the worst Ebola outbreak in history.” The first batch — about 300 vials of GSK vaccine — is expected to arrive in Liberia Friday, according to the British drug maker.

From Reuters:

It will be used in the first large-scale vaccine trials in coming weeks, in which healthcare workers helping to care for Ebola patients will be among the first to get it.

Researchers hope eventually to enroll up to 30,000 people in the trial, a third of whom would get GSK’s candidate vaccine.

The vaccine, co-developed by the National…

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